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HTS Coils/Magnet Research and Development

High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) coils and magnets are advanced technologies that utilize materials capable of maintaining superconductivity at higher temperatures than conventional superconductors. This characteristic allows them to carry strong electrical currents without resistance, generating powerful magnetic fields. HTS coils and magnets find applications in various fields, including medical imaging (MRI), scientific research, particle accelerators, and energy storage systems. Their ability to operate at higher temperatures, compared to traditional low-temperature superconductors, reduces the need for extremely cold environments, simplifying cooling requirements and enabling more compact and efficient designs. 

REBCO NI-Insulation Winding Approach

REBCO Coil Testing and Qualification 

Architect of test programming

Testing interface

Testing results

REBCO Coil Assembly and System Integration

Impressive durability of NI HTS coils 

We have tested an intermediate-sized HTS stainless-steel (co-wound) insulated double pancake coil (~132 turns per coil) and discovered dynamic effects during sudden discharge on both millisecond and second scales. It has survived ~100 fast-discharge without any degradation. 

repeated fast-discharge tests

Recorded fast discharges with calculated equivalent turn-to-turn resistivity

summerized Temp, voltage and temperatre

Nearly hundreds of sudden-discharges, no observable degradation! Very robust, both electrically and mechanically!

Cryocooler based cooling system and instrumentation

Conduction Cooling Quench and Stability Test

CryoMech pulse tube, and SHI GM, 100 W at 20 K - 40 K