Magnet Challenges

Gap I: HTS magnet

Gap II: Long length HTS cables for magnets

HTS cables are available in limited length which may not meet the long length requirements in months or years. Each specific fusion magnet will likely have its own cable design and according magnet design. 

Gap III: HTS tape in-field testing and characterization at 20 T and 20 K

Critical current Ic(77, s.f) does not represent Ic(20K, 20T), but measurement at 20 T will need significant investments in power supply and magnet infrastructure. A 20 T SCM is at $2-3 M, and high current power may be another $1M. We are inventing a novel critical current measurement system at 20 T and 20 K  which is expected to lower the total investment to 1/3 of original quote.