Design Tech

Our Technologies (From REBCO superconductors to HTS Magnet Systems for Fusion Energy)

Our vision to design and build reliable HTS magnet which will meet your fusion system specification. Our technology will make the best use of HTS REBCO conductor high current density with no-insulation winding approach, but specifically optimize turn-to-turn resistance to reach acceptable ramping time and long term operation requirements. Our core technologies:

(1) In-depth understanding of REBCO materials, microstructure, critical current field and temperature dependence Ic(B,T)

(2) Long time experiences in magnetic simulations and analysis, particularly for large scale magnet systems with multiple coils.

(3) Multiphysics simulations for system design and optimization, including Electrical, Magnetic, Thermal and Mechanical. 

(4) Unique simulation and analysis capability for No-Insulation HTS REBCO Coil, particularly for ramping and discharging. 

(5) Intensive superconducting coil instrumentation capability with fast and normal DAQ sampling rate, for coil characterization. 

(6) Experiences HTS tape coil winding capabilities for rectangle round corner coils, racetrack coils, and solenoids coils.

(7) High capability in cryostat and cryogenic design which will meet your system requirements. 

(8) We are small company, so our overhead is much smaller compared to the larger organization. 

(9) We believe that we have the recipe to manufacture high quality and functional HTS coils/magnets.



Magnet Technology

No Insulation Coils

Magnet System


Advanced Design and Analysis 

Winding stress analysis REBCO tape winding stress analysis

Relationship between winding tension and as-wound coil stress (hoop & radial)

Optimize winding induced tension in wound coils by changing winding tension Back tension motor control, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% Winding pressure 6.9 MPa, 13.8 MPa, 20.7 MPa, 27.6 MPa, 34.5 MPa, 41.4 MPa, 48.3 MPa,

Engineering design and analysis

Coil radial stress due to cooldown with dog-bone and embedded epoxy

Equivalent circuit model for No-Insulation REBCO coils and turn-to-turn resistivity 

No-Insulation REBCO coils are different from traditional insulated coils.  An equivalent circuit model are needed to characterize the tangential and radial current the coil winding pack, particularly during ramping . 

Equivalent electrical model

including both tangential and radial currents 

Electrical and Magnetic coupled simulations

Physics and Algorithm to Calculate the Ramping Losses in The NI HTS Magnet

Multiple HTS No-Insulation Coils: Non-uniform Current Distribution during Charging

Multiple HTS No-Insulation Coils: Non-uniform Current Distribution during Discharging

Customer designed cable for specialty magnets

We will design and simulate specific cable for the customs needed magnets.

Magnet system design

Cryostat, current leads, instrumentation wiring, diagnositcs, etc

Combined bending dipole

Three sets of coils

Magnetic field simulation

all the three sets of coils are fully charged.