Quench Protection

I Measurement - critical current measurement Ic system 

Ic measurement at 77 K, with or without field of 0.5 T, and Ic at 20 T and 20 K.

HTS tape Ic angular dependence

Angle dependence of critical current of 7.5% Zr-added (Gd,Y)BCO – Standard production superconducting tapes at 30 K in magnetic fields of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 T

Rotating Ic measurement 

Ic measurement at each angle relatively between background field direction and sample surface

II Instrumentation for quench detection

Signals: voltage, temperature sensors, strain gauge, and magnetic field sensor.

Alternative: fiber optical sensors, hall probe array

III Quench protection 

Design novel power supplies with quench protection hardware in the loop, in collaboration with Woodruff Scientific.

Tackle slow ramping issue for NI HTS coils, design novel ramp-pattern. 

Patented technology in tuning turn-to-turn resistivity of HTS coils and magnet systems.

Instrumented HTS coils

Equivalent electrical circuits with Cu disks