Our Missions

Our Missions

Our mission is to integrate seamlessly into the fusion energy ecosystem by delivering high-temperature superconductor (HTS) systems comprising coils, cables, testing and protection solutions. Our dedication centers on advancing high-temperature superconductor technology and enabling large-scale production, all with the ultimate goal of realizing fusion energy here on Earth.

Our Products and Solutions

(1) HTS Coils: This encompasses HTS coil production, including pancake, racetrack, and round-corner rectangle designs, with a particular focus on scaling up and large-volume manufacturing.

(2) HTS Cable Production: We have the capability to produce HTS cables of extended lengths and may collaborate with inventors for specialized long-length production. Additionally, we are open to developing alternative cables suitable for fusion magnets.

(3) HTS Magnet Design Toolbox: We aim to develop simulation software, utilizing open-source Python code and AI technology, to support the design of HTS magnets. This toolbox will facilitate the design and analysis of HTS magnet systems.

(4) Novel HTS Testing and Operation Hardware Systems: Our expertise extends to the development of innovative HTS testing and operation systems. This includes in-field critical current (Ic) measurement and the creation of power supplies equipped with quench protection units.

(5) HTS Magnet Design Solutions: We offer comprehensive solutions for HTS magnet design, encompassing magnetic, electrical, cryogenic, and mechanical aspects. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to HTS magnet systems.

(6) Collaborative Approach: We are open to collaborating on various aspects of HTS magnet technology, ranging from materials research to system development. Feel free to reach out to us with your specific needs in this field.